About Us

Express cargo service


Express Cargo is a leading , Custom clearance, and Cargo service in Pakistan that ships items imported from the China , USA , Europe to Pakistan. We have offices at Lahore, Karachi, and a warehousing facility at (port ?? ). Express clearing was founded in (2009) in Pakistan, Having evolved from a small forwarding and transport company into the country’s leading Cargo Services Providers, it’s hard to believe how far we have come in such a short time. We are the leading Cargo and custom clearance company in Pakistan. We specialize in shipping cargoes from the China , USA , Europe to Pakistan. Our services are of country-wide aptitude and wide-ranging, we go from shipping parcels as small as a makeup item to handling larger items such as textile spare parts, industrial and auto lubricants, industrial electronics, automotive parts, electronics, solar power-related items, clothing, high-tech industrial equipment, construction related stuff, pharmaceutical, lab equipment, medical kits, ceramic tiles and goods , fashion wear, and baby garments daily. With an extensive involvement of many years in the freight forwarding and logistics industry, we have been serving both industrial and commercial importers with their shipments from the China , USA , Europe to Pakistan. Due to a massive amount of shipments coming from the China , USA , Europe to Pakistan on an every month basis, we can negotiate the best possible cargo rates with freight carriers and provide timely deliveries on the cheapest rates to our customers.

Our Mission

At Express clearing cargo services, Our employees are extensively experienced in their fields and carry our mission of delivering faster, safer, and easier which leads Express Cargo to provide a high-quality, professional, and fast-logistical solution to our customers countrywide.

Our Motto

We are a company with a solid structure and are reinforced by staff with extensive experience, who are always keen on developing and improving on a professional level. Staying prepared to offer the best service that best caters to the needs of markets and our clients is our motto.

Our Vision

Our customer-first approach makes us a client-oriented company.

Our Objective

Our customer-first approach drives us to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by monitoring our clients’ unique needs and then using the best technical and human resources available to fulfill those needs.