Cargo Services  Usa To Pakistan

Importing from the USA to Pakistan can be a complex, multipart, and expensive process but Not with Express clearing services, the leading logistics providers, and Cargo service in Pakistan. We offer such reasonable deals to chose from that nothing seems difficult anymore. We import from the USA to Pakistan at the most competitive pricing possible. We do that by gathering quotes for shipping to Pakistan from a range of reliable international shipping agents, while all you need to do is to select the one that suits you and your budget best. Express Clearing offers cheap shipping to Pakistan for smaller packages which is perfect for online shopping, while our own-brand international cargo service will ship larger packages to Pakistan at affordable rates. All our rates are considerably discounted so that you do not only save your time collecting comparison quotes, but save money also.

The scope of our cargo services goes as wide as:

• Freight Forwarding by Air and Sea • Customs Clearance Countrywide • Door-To-Door Delivery • Trade License • Manage EIF Electronic Import Form and Remit International Wires • DAP and DDP Shipments handling • UpCountry Forwarding to in-land destinations • Bonded Non-bonded Warehousing Custom clearance Is an extremely technical and arduous task in Pakistan due to excessive taxation and complex customs duty structure. But don’t worry, we have got your back. We are one of the very few companies in Pakistan who are as professional in customs brokerage as are in Cargoes and logistics.

Shipping cost to Pakistan:

The shipping cost of importing your items from The USA to Pakistan depends upon the size and weight of your package and how quickly you want it to be delivered. However, there are some added benefits of working with the leading Cargo Service in Pakistan. We at Express Clearing offer express and economy Cargo Services from a range of carriers to help you choose your carrier based on your budget.

No Registration Required:

We understand the hassle of importing your items from a far off place and then having to go through lengthy registration procedures, so we save you from it. It's free of cost to get a quote from Express Clearing and no registration is required. Simply enter the weight or size of your package in the quote bar at the top of this page and get a quick quote. Note: For a more accurate quote, enter the weight, dimensions, and destination details of your package In your shipping calculator and get an exact quote.

The cheapest way to Import from the USA to Pakistan:

Cheap pricing but high-quality service, Express Clearing is all you have ever been looking for in a Cargo service in Pakistan. Our discounted shipping rates are some of the cheapest available countrywide

Import and Cargo Services:

At Express Clearing, We offer custom clearance services and Cargo services on importing shipments from 100+ countries to Pakistan daily. Our broker and trucking companies make the whole import to Pakistan process more flexible and faster.

Import from the USA to Pakistan:

We offer full-service logistics solutions for importing products of all sizes from the USA to Pakistan. Due to a massive amount of shipments coming from the USA to Pakistan daily, we offer the most compatible cargo rates after negotiating with freight carriers there and provide on-time deliveries at the most affordable rates to our clients.

Cargo Through Sea :

Did you know that over 95% of the world's trade is carried through oceans- moving across seas and between ports? Express Clearing is a leading and one of the most reliable Cargo services in Pakistan. We are powered up by the biggest logistics companies in the world that move millions of containers every year and delivers cargo from one corner of the world to the other. Our super-efficient transporters will load your cargo on the vessel that best suits your needs and handle your logistics so that you don’t have to worry! Strengthen your supply chain by working with a company that puts you first. We double-up your trust in us with our two–way commitment which gives you the authority to choose from the cheapest rates available while getting the service of the highest quality. Book with us and feel superior with our Seafreight services at no extra cost across 300+ locations in over 100+ countries!

Cargo Through Air :

Airfreight is best to be used when the expense of shipping is under 15-20% of the estimation of the products. Airfreight is quicker, more secure, and more dependable than ocean freight, but it’s a little pricey than ocean freight. The following are the benefits of Airfreight service: • it is a quicker, safer, and more dependable shipping method than ocean freight. • Unlike ocean freight, it is not affected by weather conditions and traffic jams. • Airfreight can move huge volumes long-distance making it more cost-effective and faster than ocean freight. At Express clearing, We are the leading Air freight service provider in Pakistan. With our expertise –honed over the years- we offer the best air freight solutions to move your goods quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Door-to-Door Delivery:

At Express clearing, we are more than just a typical cargo services provider in Pakistan, we are a Customs Clearance company too. We offer a door-to-door delivery service under-one-roof to our clients, saving them cost, energy, and time. We also ensure a smooth and hassle-free shipment processing from start-to-end.

Super-Fast delivery:

At Express Clearing, fast and door-to-door delivery is one of our key selling points. We offer a wide range of cargo services with shipping time ranging from as little as 1-3 working days with express shipping to 11-22 working days for an economy service.

Packing and Removal Warehousing:

At Express Clearing, we also offer short-and/ long-term Warehouse management, monitoring, and security of your products. We have our warehouse where we can store your products for a short or long period. We also offer pick and pack services.

Express service :

At Express Clearing, we have partnered with the biggest global courier services ( DHL, UPS, FEDEX) to provide Express service to our clients worldwide. Our professionals work in close cooperation with our clients to offer custom-made services given customers’ requirements on time and cost.