China is the more prominent exporter in this fast-moving world, and almost every country depends on the China Market to fulfill its economic needs. China ranked at number 1 worldwide with exports of 2.59 trillion dollars according to the report of eco world 2018. Pakistan is a neighbor country of China, and Pakistani people in business are lucky that China is the best friend of Pakistan and has a wide range of trade options. The Government of Pakistan is working hard to improve the trade opportunities for Pakistani people. However, it is still difficult for new importers to import goods from china for their business, and they can not handle the process and complications involved in the trade. Most of the businessmen search on Google about how do I import Cargo from China to Pakistan? The simple solution is to manage your business and hire any cargo service company to handle imports from China to Pakistan. It is easy to focus on your business instead of customizing and facing other essential problems.

How to import from China to Pakistan? You must have to know the following basics:

Importing goods from China to Pakistan may vary from multiple products and businesses. China is a big country, and China and Pakistan time difference is approx 3 to 6 hours. Some businessmen may order heavy Cargo for their business. Others may purchase in small and medium-range through international stores that ship to Pakistan, such as Ali Express and Alibaba. If you want to know how to import from Alibaba to Pakistan, then for the solution, you must need the best cargo service that will search short and cheapest way to import products from China to shave your money on shipping. The cargo service will also answer all your fundamental question such as: Do I need import license to buy from Alibaba? What is the shipping cost from China to Pakistan? What should I import from China to sell in Pakistan? What Pakistan imports from China? What are Duty Free Items from China to Pakistan? You should complete your homework through a suitable Cargo Service before importing the goods from China to Pakistan. You need to contact your supplier in China and a dealing agent in Pakistan to ensure that your shipment will deliver safely and in time without any problem. To start a new business, you should confirm from Cargo Service and Pakistani law that the things you want to import from China are not banned or illegal in Pakistan. Then your cargo service agency will complete all required documents for shipment. Your cargo service will guide you about the suitable shipping method to deliver your order from China to Pakistan. The possible options are to ship through air, sea, rail, and by road.

Air Cargo Services from China to Pakistan:

Cargo Services  Import From China To Pakistan

The express and most suitable way to import goods from China to Pakistan are Air Cargo. The price is higher, but the transit time decreases, and the timely delivery of goods is a significant factor in business. That's why Express Cargo services recommend importing through the air if your order is under the following two categories: Your Cargo is less than 200 kg or 2 CBM. You want to receive your order within the short possible time limit. Which Airline to Consider when moving goods from China to Pakistan? The following airlines are the most suitable airlines for the delivery of goods from China to Pakistan. Qatar Airways Emirates China Airways You have to select the best Cargo Service that should have a brilliant relationship with all above airlines to avoid any unwanted problems during the Cargo of your goods. The Cargo service will provide you the most economical solution to move your business products from China to Pakistan through Air Freight. The Express Cargo service is an excellent service that will adequately guide about all possible processes and options so you can select the best shipping method for your Cargo.

How many days will it take for the cargo to arrive from China to Pakistan?

It usually takes ten days of transit time to deliver your Cargo from China to Pakistan through Air Freight. Many other important factors are involved before air flight between both countries. These additional steps are: Packing of goods Moving from Manufacturer to Delivery Sport Air Flight Custom Clearance To Deliver at your doorstep

Sea Freight Services from China to Pakistan:

The Sea Freight, also known as Ocean Freight service, is also a convenient service for hefty weights at a lower cost rate. However, it may take more days to deliver your items from China to Pakistan. The 60 % of the fright of the country delivers at Karachi Port. Express cargo Service recommends the Sea Freight for the following conditions: Your goods are more significant than 200 KG or 2 CBM You have time to receive your goods The shipment of higher volume and lower cost is beautiful for business owners, possible only through Sea Freight. The following are famous Pakistani ports: Karachi Port Port of Qasim Gawadar Port Chinese companies in Karachi also import items from China by sea. Therefore, you can trust this shipping method without any worry. FCL and LCL are two basic terms involved in Sea Freight, and as a business owner, you must be aware of these terms. FCL FCL stands for Full Container Load, and this is used as the most comprehensive solution for bulk and heavy cargo shipments. Your goods will carry alone in a single container that will specially arrange for your goods. The following three types of containers are used in FCL 20 Feet Container with an internal capacity of 33 cubic meters 40 Feet Container with an internal capacity of 66 cubic meters 40 Feet HQ Container with an internal capacity of 76 cubic meters LCL LCL, known as Less than container Load, is used when your Cargo is smaller than a container. In LCL, your goods will be grouped with other consignments of the container. After reaching Pakistan, the container will be unpacked by Authorities to separate goods for every customer/buyer. You also can import from China to Pakistan by road cargo. However, it will consume more days, and Express Cargo will not suggest you for the same.

What Documents Do I Need for Custom Clearance?

You can opt for any method for delivery of your goods from China to Pakistan. When your goods reach Pakistan through any shipping method, the customs clearance is the same for all. The Custom Authorities will unload your shipment and create a general import manifest for your Cargo. You should need the Best and suitable Cargo Service, such as Express Cargo for Custom Clearance. The Express Cargo will prepare the required documents before unloading your goods. The required documents are the following: Bill of Landing Packing List Certificate of Origin Commercial Invoice Insurance Documents Shippers Import/Export Declaration

What are the Banned or Illegal Items in Pakistan?

The following items are banned in Pakistan Drugs Contraband Explosives Biohazard Chemicals Corrosive Counterfeit Ivory Batteries Flammable products Firearms All types of Drugs You can visit the list of imports from China to Pakistan at Google and can select your items or goods for your business. You also can select different items on Google, such as you can search china tiles price list in Pakistan or China cars in Pakistan prices, etc.

Excellent Services of Express Cargo:

Express Cargo is the best Cargo Service in Pakistan because it operates as a One-Window-Cargo Solution Provide Service. It means your all problems will operate through a professional staff just with one sitting and you don't need to get different information from different sources. Express Cargo is the service that takes the whole responsibility of the Cargo on their shoulders; therefore, the customers of Express Cargo focus on their business, and Express Cargo handles all their import solutions and problems. You have to contact Express Cargo service. The Cargo is different for every person in business and is according to his products. Therefore, it is treaded differently accordingly. Let's suppose if you want to import a cargo of 200 KG from China to Pakistan, then the following steps are involved in the whole procedure: You have to contact Express Cargo through phone, filling a form, Facebook or by direct visiting the nearest Express Cargo Center You have to provide the details of your Cargo and agreed with the price and shipping method Express Cargo will deliver your item to your doorstep at the agreed price, and this price includes all types of charges, including custom duty imports from China Pakistan. Now, you can ask your supplier in China to ship your goods through the suggested/agreed cargo way. Your goods will deliver to your doorstep at the agreed transport method after reaching the warehouse of Express Cargo. Your Cargo will deliver safely and in time at your doorstep without any problem. You can contact Express cargo. If you still have any query regarding import from China to Pakistan or how to start import business from China to Pakistan, our professional staff will contact you shortly.